Manicure? Shellac? Gels? or… Acrylic Nails?

Everyone wants to see the beautiful ring on your finger. Nice nails are almost mandatory for the newly engaged brides to be, as well as the brides who are ready to walk down the isle. So which is the best way for you to showcase your ring? This guide will help you choose the best option for your nails. As a general rule, brides and bridesmaids should always do their nails as close to the special day as possible. 1 to 2 days before the wedding is best.

Traditional Manicure: A perfect option for the lucky ones who are blessed with good nail strength and nail length. A manicure usually lasts about 3 days to 1 week. Be sure to allot at least 2 hours for dry time. No smudges for the photos. Prices vary from $20 – $65

Shellac Power Polish: Great for those who have healthy nails and good length but don’t have 2 hours to spare for drying time. Shellac is similar to nail polish but dries instantly under UV light. This is one of the most popular options for great looking nails. No dry time, No chipping, and Fantastic shine for 2 weeks! A 10 min soak of is required when you want to remove this product from your nails. Prices vary from $30 – $75.

Gel Nails: Ideal for those who want a slightly stronger nail enhancement where additional length is an option, if required. There are numerous different types of gel nails. We recommend Bio Sculpture Gels because this product is less damaging to the natural nails. It can be soaked off. Other gel products require a drill or heavy filing to remove the product. The benefit of gels is that they allow you to be more creative with sparkles, jewels, colors and designs. Prices vary from $40 – $80

Acrylic nails: Recommended for those who are very hard on their nails. Length can be added if needed. This is the strongest of all nail enhancements and is probably the least healthy for the nails. Sparkles, jewels, colors, designs and even 3D shapes can be added. Prices vary from $35 – $80