Permanent Make-up

Beauty Mark

Are you looking for a small touch of sophistication? A beauty mark in the right place will enhance the look of your face and leave you feeling sexier.
Single Mark $105.00 CDN

Eye Liner

Does smudging eyeliner drive you crazy? Get natural looking liner without the fuss of drawing it in or washing it off. You’ll love the results!
Top Eye Liner $315.00 CDN
Lower Eye Liner $280.00 CDN
Upper & Lower Eye Liner $490.00 CDN


Do you feel conscious about your light eyebrows? Tired of hiding from the rain in fear of smudging off your eyebrows? With permanent makeup you’ll feel confident everywhere you go…rain or snow!
Blend in $420.00 CDN
Feather touch $490.00 CDN


Enhance the look of your lips with a natural looking liner or achieve a fuller look with a color of your choice.
Lip Liner $420.00 CDN
Half Lip $490.00 CDN
Full Lips $560.00 CDN